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San Luis Obispo PD And Stockton PD Line Of Duty Deaths

Over the last 48 hours, two different law enforcement agencies within California have had officers killed in the line of duty. On 05/10/2021, Det. Luca Benedetti with the San Luis Obispo Police Department was shot and killed by a suspect lying in wait for Det. Benedetti and his partners while they executed a search warrant. Det Benedetti's partner, Det. Steve Orozco, was also wounded in the shooting. On 05/11/2021, Ofc. Jimmy Inn with the Stockton Police Department was shot...

Preventative Coronavirus Guidelines For Our Law Enforcement Family

Our priority will always be protecting our communities and amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still out there ensuring that everyone is safe while our nation experiences new challenges every day. Here are some useful tips for our fellow officers to remember via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that can help keep all of us protected as well. Be sure to share and together we can all help #FlattenTheCurve! Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronaviru...

Tips On Working Remotely During The Coronavirus Outbreak

We know our community is facing a whole new set of challenges each and every day while we’re all doing our fair share to remain indoors and protect each other from the recent Coronavirus outbreak. While working remotely seems simple enough here are some recommendations that can help you better adjust to these changes while you settle into a new work routine. Share to help our community continue to #FlattenTheCurve and be sure to comment with your own tips!

How To Keep Our Community Safe From The Coronavirus

Here are some preventative methods and information via the World Health Organization that can help keep our community informed and safe while we all face new challenges during the current Coronavirus outbreak. Help Share these tips with our community so that we can all help #FlattenTheCurve! Source: https://www.who.int/emergencie...